Compensation Lawyers in NSW

Our senior compensation lawyers have been offering legal guidance and supporting people around New South Wales for years, helping achieve their rights and entitlements after sustaining an injury. Our team of experienced lawyers can assess your situation from different angles and offer practical advice you can follow step by step without being overwhelmed with the legal terminology. We embrace a professional approach with a friendly yet no-nonsense attitude.

Our team is a collection of successful lawyers with considerable experience in their respective work areas. You can count on our lawyers’ support in establishing your claim in the best possible manner for achieving the best possible compensation benefits.

One of the principles our professionalism relies on when offering you the best legal services is a no win no fee policy. That means you are expected to pay our legal fees only if your claim is achieved and you receive compensation. We believe that a competent compensation lawyer should be able to offer no win no fee services.

You can benefit from our legal services throughout NSW, our offices are conveniently located in Sydney, Wollongong, Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool.


Workers compensation claims

In NSW if you were injured at work, you can claim compensation under workers insurance scheme. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may be entitled to weekly payments for covering lost earnings, medical expenses, and lump sum payment. Your injury can be a soft tissue injury, a more serious injury like loss of limbs or a psychological/psychiatric condition.

Motor accident claims

If you sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident as a driver, motorbike rider, cyclist, passenger or pedestrian, you can claim compensation. In NSW, you may be entitled to compensation for 6 months from the date of the accident, regardless of your fault or the seriousness of your injury. Under certain circumstances, the benefits may extend beyond 6 months.

Public liability claims

This type of claims can be made if you were injured due to someone’s negligence in a public or private property. If you were injured, for example, by slipping and falling on a wet surface of a supermarket where no sign of warning could be found, you can make a public liability claim for compensation.

Medical negligence/malpractice claims

If you suffered from an injury or illness while getting medical treatment and your injury was caused by a health care provider’s negligence, you can claim compensation. A situation where you can make a medical negligence claim can be a doctor offering treatment below acceptable standards. Cosmetic surgery malpractices or false diagnoses can be other examples.

Total permanent disability (TPD) claims

If you sustained a serious injury or illness disabling you for work, you can claim lump sum payment from your superannuation fund, depending on your policy.

For more information on our team, company and legal services and an inquiry into why you should get legal guidance in your compensation claim process, see the Frequently Asked Questions section below.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What does a compensation lawyer do?

Our compensation lawyers can help you achieve your claim by offering the best advice specific to your case.

If you were injured during employment, our workers compensation lawyers can assess your situation and let you know about the different benefits you may be entitled to obtain. You will be provided information on how to file a compensation claim, how to support it, what to do if a dispute with the insurer arises and so on. As an injured worker, your claim will be shaped depending on the degree of your injury or in some cases, what type of worker you are (your entitlements will change if you are an exempt worker, for example).

If you sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident in NSW, our compensation lawyers will inform you about what you can claim based on your fault in the accident, and how you can support your claim with evidence.

If your injuries stemmed from medical negligence or malpractice, or someone's negligence in a public or private place, or if you suffered from total and permanent disability, contact one of our offices allocated throughout NSW to inquire into how our lawyers can help.

2When do I need a workers compensation lawyer?

If you sustained a work-related injury, you may be entitled to certain benefits under the NSW workers insurance scheme. Benefits may include weekly payments, compensation for medical expenses and lump sum payment.

Consulting our workers compensation lawyers will ensure that you know what you are entitled to receive and how to make a claim for that. Our experienced lawyers will assess your situation in detail, provide step by step guidance in an understandable language when lodging a claim.

You can ask for legal guidance from our experienced lawyers at any point in your claim process. Reach out to our lawyers located in Sydney, Parramatta, Wollongong, Penrith and Liverpool regardless of where you are located or where the injury happened.

3How can I find a good workers compensation lawyer in NSW?

You can consider some key qualities when searching for a workers compensation lawyer which we assure our expert lawyers have.

Our workers compensation lawyers are all experienced professionals willing to share their expertise for helping injured employees in NSW achieve their claims. When consulting our lawyers, your situation will be carefully assessed and you will be offered easy-to-understand step by step guidance. While embracing a professional approach, our workers compensation lawyers keep a friendly attitude to all clients.

We also keep a no win no fee policy when offering our services, which is a result of our confidence in our expertise. No win no fee means you will pay for our services only if we achieve your claim.

4How much do compensation lawyers charge?

All of our lawyers specialised in workers compensation, motor accident, TPD, medical negligence and public liability claims offer their services on a no win no fee basis. We can provide legal guidance in all types of claims based on this policy which means you will pay our fees only if your claim becomes successful and you receive compensation.

5Where can I make a compensation claim in NSW?

Regardless of the city you are located or got injured in NSW, you can contact and get help from our lawyers. We offer our services in Sydney, Parramatta, Wollongong, Penrith and Liverpool.