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July 5, 2021
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TPD Claims for Schizophrenia

Total and permanent disability (TPD) claims can be made when physical or psychological injuries and illnesses permanently prevent a person’s ability to work in their usual occupation or any other occupation that suit their background. TPD claims allow for lump sum payments made from the person’s superannuation fund.

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Can you claim TPD compensation for schizophrenia?

If you suffered from schizophrenia and your illness prevents you from working, you can make a claim for TPD compensation depending on your insurance policy. Before making a TPD claim for your mental illness, make sure your superannuation policy covers it. Then you should be able to provide evidence of your situation through medical reports, details of your occupation, payrolls, and other relevant documents explaining why you will not be able to perform your job due to schizophrenia. Complete and submit the claim form you can get from your insurer together with these supporting documents. If you can present medical proof of your mental illness and make a case that it makes you permanently unable to work in your usual occupation, you may obtain lump sum payment from your superannuation fund. The amount of compensation will depend on your specific situation and the scope of your policy. However, TPD payouts typically range between $70,000 and $200,000 for minor and moderate injuries and between $200,000 and $800,000 for more serious disabilities. The awardable amount for extreme cases can go up to $2,000,000. After you lodge your TPD claim for your schizophrenia with all the necessary documents, your insurer will likely decide on your case in no more than 3 months. Failure to provide all the required documents may lengthen the decision process beyond this time limit. If your insurer does not respond to your claim within 3 months despite having all documentation, our lawyers can investigate the reason behind it. Lack of sufficient evidence of your illness, inactive or invalid policy, failure to comply with work history requirements, and inability to meet the disability definition of your policy can result in the rejection of your TPD claim.

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Why should you hire a lawyer for making a TPD claim for schizophrenia?

If you are not sure whether your case is eligible for making a TPD claim, you can consult our expert lawyers specialized in TPD schizophrenia claims. Withstand Lawyers can assess the requirements of your superannuation policy and guide you to achieve the best payout possible. Also, you can get insight from our lawyers about how to move forward if your claim is rejected by your insurer. Our experienced TPD schizophrenia claim lawyers conveniently located in Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool and Wollongong can help you at any point in your claiming process. Withstand Lawyers also work on a no win no fee basis, which means you do not have to pay any legal fees unless your claim is achieved. Furthermore, we make out of pocket payments for obtaining the supporting documents which may be required in the process of your claim.

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